Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Service Overview

Electricity plays an important part of our lives. So many of our appliances are electric, therefore electrical installation and repairs are serious and must be carried out to the highest standards and must meet all essential safety standards. Shoddy repairs or installation can cause damage to your home or even worse be the cause of fires. 
Here at Handy4All, our electrical engineers are skilled and certified electricians with extensive experience with both residential and commercial electrical installations and repair and can offer the following services:
  • Electrical Panel upgrades and re-wiring - Inspection and upgrading done in a timely manner. Panel upgrades will ensure satiety and avoid further problems with your property wiring
  • Switcher and Breaker repair - very often an interruption in your electrical current can cause damage to switches and breakers. We can easily locate the problem and replace the faulty unit.
  • Fan repair and installation - done quickly and correctly.
  • New-Build - No problem, Complete electrical installation service available. Please contact us for our completed project portfolio.
  • Troubleshooting - can’t work out what the problem is? Not to worry. We can asses, and isolate the problem saving you time and stress.

When it comes to electrical installation and electrical repair, Handy4All has years of experience which ensures that we’ll give expert solutions for your electrical problems. Our certified electricians have years of experience and miles of cables being untangled!


Upgrade electrical panel or wiring£  fixed fee (install new 100-amp panel);
Switcher and breaker repair£ (depending on the complexity);
Landlord certificate£ (contact us for detailed calculation);
New construction£ per wiring.